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About Us

Sheffield Publications was created in 1994 to perform desktop publishing services as they were called in the early days of creating publications in small home offices. It became an official publishing company in July, 1995.


Sheffield Publications published The Willamette Writer, the monthly newsletter for Willamette Writers, Inc., from April 1994 until March 2016.


Sheffield Publications also produced the popular pet magazine, Whiskers. Whiskers was distributed to veterinary offices, pet and feed stores as a free publication, supported by ad sales, until late 1996.

Sheffield Publications is a small, family-owned business. It utilizes the talent of freelance editors, artists, and writers. The editors also offer freelance developmental and copyediting services. Visit our Services page for more details.


To have your novels or nonfiction books considered for publication with Sheffield Publications, please send a letter of inquiry outlining your project, it's length and intended audience, to: We will respond within a week to enquiries. Please do not send manuscripts or samples unless requested to do so.

Leona Grieve, Publisher                                                                                                        Joanna Barrymore, Editor-in-Chief

“A small press is an attitude, a kind of anti-commerciality. The dollars come second, the talent and the quality of the writing come first. If the presses wanted to make money, they'd be out there selling cookbooks.”

– Thomas Wolfe, in a letter to his mother

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