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THE MANIPULATORS (Coming in 2020)

Author:  Leigh Goodison
Genre:   Medical thriller

An unscrupulous politician's quest for power is thwarted by the psychiatrist of one of his victims. When a young woman is found wandering around the Portland, Oregon shipyards apparently suffering from amnesia, she is sent to psychiatrist, Rand Morrissey to help unlock her memory. She recalls witnessing a murder, though police have no body or crime scene. After several sessions, she is able to identify the killer as a well-known politician. But when she and Rand begin investigating the politician, the woman ends up dead, and Rand is left to unravel the labyrinth of lies that began more than twenty years earlier.


Author:  Leigh Goodison

Genre:    Medical thriller

​​Psychiatrist Rand Morrissey is faced with a quandary when he is consulted on the baffling case of five-year-old Sienna, who has been suffering from unexplained fainting spells. Then he discovers that Sienna has a half-sister, Chelsa, who has been in a coma since a car accident six years earlier, something the girls’ manipulative mother Melanie Cantrell has kept secret.

Though the two girls had never met, when Sienna is questioned under hypnosis, she reveals things only Chelsa could have known. Rand begins to suspect that Melanie is machinating Sienna’s problems. But is it Melanie, or someone else? Now Rand must overcome his own childhood demons and find a way to save the lives of two half-sisters, inextricably tethered between life and death. Book Two in the St. Augustus Chronicles. Read reviews for Limboland.





Author:  Leigh Goodison
Genre:  Medical Thriller


What if you woke up one day looking like a completely different person? Could you live with the consequences? Or would the trauma turn you into a psychopathic killer?After Dr. Thea Donovan performs reconstructive facial surgery on severely injured fireman Malcolm Dean, she is ecstatic with the results. The Reflesh procedure she pioneered with software guru Erik Sorenson far exceeds her expectations. There’s just one problem: the patient doesn’t agree. In fact, the surgery altered his appearance to such an extent that it seems to have changed his personality from a caring, bereaved father and husband, to a man with psychopathic tendencies.Then when a series of unsolved murders point toward Malcolm Dean Thea must confront the possibility that she has created a killer. And as she uncovers evidence to prove her patient’s innocence, she inadvertently reveals a thirty-year-old murder mystery.

US Review of Books: “An unusual quandary is at the axis of this involving whodunit . . . the pace is brisk, the story entertaining, and the dénouement satisfying enough to make this fictional puzzle worth solving.”  More reviews.

Wild Ones

Author:  Leigh Goodison

Genre:  Coming of age/Young adult


Stark School is unlike anywhere else 16-year-old foster child Breeze Jordan has lived since her mother died. The people actually seem to care about you here. At first, Breeze is wary, Stark has prison-like qualities, but the benefits far outweigh any drawbacks. Breeze and her misfit roommates, who call themselves the Stark Raving Lunatics, manipulate the staff to make it their personal kingdom. But then disaster strikes: a new foster home is found for Breeze. Though she vows to find a way back to the school, ultimately Breeze must decide where her loyalties lie: with her new foster family and the cute but elusive, boy next door, or her old friends at Stark.


Author:  Leigh Goodison
Genre:   Science fiction

In 2072, earth is a desolate wasteland. Now governed by a new world order, six young scientists, led by a former US Marine, are sent to colonize a habitable planet. When one of the scientists disappears, the team believes their commander is responsible, taking him prisoner until they can return to earth.

But as they prepare for departure they encounter the alien species that captured their teammate, and find themselves in the presence of the Lost Cosmonauts of the Soviet Space Program: a space exploration mystery that has persisted for over a century. Will the team be able to return to earth in time to save the remaining population? Or will they be stranded for eternity with the three immortals who won the space race of the 1950s?


Everyone Except Everett

Author:  Marilyn Owen
Artist:     Michael Hague
AuAAuthor:  thoAuthor:r:

Genre:   Children's picture book

Everett is a slightly inept, but ever-so-polite Elf in Santa’s workshop, who messes up everything. When Everett finds himself left behind on Christmas morning, he meets Sam.  Sam helps Everett get back to the North Pole and Everett learns that being “different” is a wonderful way to be.

Froggy and French Fly

Author:  Marilyn Owen

Artist:     Barbara Goode

Genre:   Children's picture book

When a Bullfrog named Froggy tries to catch a fly for his dinner, his dinner has other ideas. Though the two are natural enemies, a series of events cause them to come to each other's rescue. This is the story of how enemies can become friends, in spite of their differences.


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Author:  Lizzy Shannon

Genre:   Military Thriller

In 1979 Belfast, Jennifer Hamilton’s life is destroyed by an IRA bomb. Vowing revenge, she is willingly recruited by her British Army lover, Mike McLeod, into an intelligence detachment to infiltrate a band led by one of the men responsible, Séan Maguire. Not knowing Séan is responsible, she begins to fall for him, entering a dangerous love triangle between the two men. As she comes to understand the Celtic viewpoint of the conflict, as well as the British, she begins to go native until she uncovers a plot to assassinate the Duke of Edinburgh at the upcoming Edinburgh Festival. Recruited by one man to spy on the other: which side will she choose?


Author:  Lizzy Shannon

Genre:   Folk Lore​


An anthology of rare Irish legends. A beautiful collection of twenty-three spectacular and unusual legends from Ireland. The rich language stays true to the poetry and character of fireside storytelling, yet sizzles with vivid imagery.


Author:  Lizzy Shannon

Genre:  Folk Lore

Like the Native Americans, Celtic traditions were handed down through the generations. Irish born Lizzy Shannon takes us through the 13 months and single day of the Druidic calendar. Explore legends and superstitions, find out how to make honey mead, hand-made soap, and learn about the Celtic astrological signs that are based on the Dryadic personalities of individual trees. Discover which sign you were born under, who your Celtic spirit animal guide is, and which deity rules your sign. "A Celtic Yearbook is chock-full of surprising recipes, odd bits of folklore, and delightful dashes of history. Where else can you find a book that contains a love potion and a way to become invisible? A perfect gift!" - Brenda Cooper, author of Mayan December. Foreward by Jay Lake, winner of the John W. Campbell Award




Author:  Leigh Goodison

Genre:   Cookbook memoir

​​Goodies From the Great White North, Recipes for Dinners, Delicacies and Disasters, is a collection of more than 70 of the author's favorite Canadian recipes spiced with hilarious and poignant essays of epic cooking fails.



Author:  Leigh Goodison

Genre:  Reference

The Horse Trailer Owner's Manual is designed to educate horse trailer owners about the basic structure and major working components of horse trailers. It also teaches how to properly maintain trailers. Included are maintenance schedules, lists of essential items, handy tips and troubleshooting help. The indispensable information presented here could prevent you from buying a lemon, save thousands of dollars in needless repairs, and help you communicate with repair personnel. The safety information could help prevent injury to yourself, your horse and other motorists.


Featuring:  David Bodin, "The Horse Trailer Guru"

Genre:  Reference, 115 minutes

Horse Trailers: 101 is a complete guide to understanding the structure and working components of horse trailers.

Detailed horse trailer information, demonstrated with various horse trailers. Learn about:

The tow vehicle
Tires and wheels
Wheel bearings, races and seals
Truck and trailer brakes
The breakaway system
Hitches and tongue jacks
Lights and wiring
Floors, structure and framework
Roofs, windows and vents

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